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Publications 2010

Sultana, R (Sultana, Rukhsana); Perluigi, M (Perluigi, Marzia)2; Newman, SF (Newman, Shelley F.); Pierce, WM (Pierce, William M.)3,4; Cini, C (Cini, Chiara)2; Coccia, R (Coccia, Raffaella)2; Butterfield, DA (Butterfield, D. Allan)1.  
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Antioxidants & redox signalling ;12(3): 327-36

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Chemistry (Weinh., Print);16(2):709-17.

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Flavohemoglobin and nitric oxide detoxification in the human protozoan parasite Giardia intestinalis.
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Azole drugs trap cytochrome P450 EryK in alternative conformational states.
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Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiologyl;49(1): 132-41

Alaleona F, Franceschini S, Ceci P, Ilari A, Chiancone E.
Thermosynechococcus elongatus DpsA binds Zn(II) at a unique three histidine-containing ferroxidase center and utilizes O2 as iron oxidant with very high efficiency, unlike the typical Dps proteins.
The FEBS journal (Print);277(4): 903-17

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Chemistry.;16(2): 709-17

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Tetrahedron letters;51: 2550-2552

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The Journal of biological chemistry (Print;285(48): 37138-49

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Expression of Bv8 in Pichia pastoris to identify structural features for receptor binding.
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Barks, H.(a)  , R. Buckley(a), G A. Grieves(a), E. Di Mauro (b) , N.Hud (a)  and   T. Orlando  (a).  
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ChemBioChem (Print);11(9): 1240-3

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Epigenetics in rome: Breaking news from the chromatin remodeling and human disease workshop.
Epigenetics;5(3): 249-25
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A minicircuitry involving REST and CREB controls miR-9-2 expression during human neuronal differentiation.
Nucleic acids research;38(20): 6895-905

Giani Prosseda; Alessia Mazzola; Maria Letizia Di Martino; Denis Tielker; Gioacchino Micheli; Bianca Colonna.  
A temperature-induced narrow DNA curvature range sustains the maximum activity of a bacterial promoter in vitro.
Biochemistry (Easton);49(13): 2778-85

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The DNA sequence-dependence of nucleosome positioning in vivo and in vitro.
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Tuning acetylated chromatin with HAT inhibitors: a novel tool for therapy.
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The Aurora-A/TPX2 complex: A novel oncogenic holoenzyme?.
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Nuclear reformation after mitosis requires downregulation of the Ran GTPase effector RanBP1 in mammalian cells.
Chromosoma (Berl., Print);119(6): 651-68

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Yeast lsm pro-apoptotic mutants show defects in S-phase entry and progression.
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Cytogenetic and genome research (Print. ed.) ;128(1-3): 118-23

Ferretti C;Totta P; Fiore M; Mattiuzzo M; Schillaci T; Ricordy R; Di Leonardo A; Degrassi F;.  
Expression of the kinetochore protein Hec1 during the cell cycle in normal and cancer cells and its regulation by the pRb pathway.
Cell cycle (Georget. Tex.);9(20): 4174-82

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Verrocchio, a Drosophila OB fold-containing protein, is a component of the terminin telomere-capping complex.
Genes & development ;24(15): 1596-601.

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Morgana/chp-1, a ROCK inhibitor involved in centrosome duplication and tumorigenesis.
Developmental cell ;18(3): 486-95

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Drosophila timeless2 is required for chromosome stability and circadian photoreception.
Current biology;20(4): 346-52

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Transfer, analysis and reversion of the fibrous dysplasia cellular phenotype in human skeletal progenitors.
Journal of bone and mineral research;25(5): 1103-16

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Mesenchymal stem cells in human bone marrow (skeletal stem cells) - a critical discussion of their nature, identity, and significance in incurable skeletal disease.
Human gene therapy ;21(9): 1057-66

Bruno T; Desantis A; Bossi G; Di Agostino S; Sorino C; De Nicola F; Iezzi S; Franchitto A; Benassi B; Galanti S; La Rosa F; Floridi A; Bellacosa A; Passananti C; Blandino G; Fanciulli M.
Che-1 promotes tumor cell survival by sustaining mutant p53 transcription and inhibiting DNA damage response activation.
Cancer cell (Print);18(2): 122-34

Anastasi E, Granato T, Marchei GG, Viggiani V, Colaprisca B, Comploj S, Reale MG, Frati L, Midulla C.
Ovarian tumor marker HE4 is differently expressed during the phases of the menstrual cycle in healthy young women.
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Association of ACE I/D polymorphism and recurrent miscarriages in an Italian population with a pre-modern reproductive pattern.
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Exon skipping and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy therapy: selection of the most active U1 snRNA-antisense able to induce dystrophin exon.
Molecular therapy (Print);18(9): 1675-82

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Association of CYP19 and ESR1 Pleiotropic Genes With Human Longevity.
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microRNAs Involved in Molecular Circuitries Relevant for the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Pathogenesis Are Controlled by the Dystrophin/nNOS Pathway.
Cell metabolism;12(4): 341-51

Perluigi M; Di Domenico F; Blarzino C; Foppoli C; Cini C; Giorgi A; Grillo C; De Marco F; Butterfield DA; Schininà ME; Coccia R.  
Effects of UVB-induced oxidative stress on protein expression and specific protein oxidation in normal human epithelial keratinocytes: a proteomic approach.
Proteome science;8: 13

Gianni, S., Ivarsson, Y., De Simone, A., Travaglini-Allocatelli, C., Brunori, M., Vendruscolo M.
Characterization of the Structure of a Misfolded Intermediate Populated during the Folding Process of a PDZ domain.
Nature structural & molecular biology (Online);17(12): 1431-7

Di Mauro  E.
On the emergence of pre-genetic information.

Rensen WM, Lavia P.  
RAN, member of the RAS oncogene family.

Passananti C; Corbi N; Onori A; Di Certo MG; Mattei E.
Transgenic mice expressing an artificial zinc finger regulator targeting an endogenous gene.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton N.J.);649: 183-206

Nasi Sergio.  

Nasi Sergio.  
Oncogeni e oncosoppressori.

Cundari E., Soddu S., Chessa L., Prodosmo A.
Metodo per la identificazione in vitro di portatori sani di atassia telangiectasia e relativo  kit.

Silvestri R., La Regina G., Hamel E., Brancale A., Lavia P., Novellino E.
Derivati indolici e loro uso in campo medico.

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The artificial gene Jazz, a transcriptional regulator of utrophin, corrects the dystrophic pathology in mdx mice.
Human molecular genetics (Print);19(5): 752-60.

Francis M.,A. Kohler,C. Murat, R Balestrini, PM. Coutinho, O. Jaillon, B. Montanini, E. Morin,  Noel, R. Percudani, B. Porcel, A. Rubini, A. Amicucci, J. Amselem, V. Anthouard, S. Arcioni, F. Artiguenave, JM. Aury, P. Ballario, A Bolchi, et al.
Périgord black truffle genome uncovers evolutionary origins and mechanisms of symbiosis.
Nature (Lond.);19(5): 752-60

I Ruberti; G Sessa; A Ciolfi;.  
Molecular mechanisms of plant adaptation to canopy shade.
Journal of biotechnology;30(5): 1047-58  supplemento: S112-S113

Isabella Ascone;Carmelinda Savino;Richard Kahn;Roger Fourme.  
Flexibility of the Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase structure investigated at 0.57GPa.
Acta crystallographica. Section D, Biological crystallography.;66(6): 654-63

AM De Leonardis 1; F D'Orso 2; G Morelli 2;     I Ruberti  3; L Cattivelli 1; AM Mastrangelo 1.  
A conserved group of CCCH zinc finger proteins is involved in response to abiotic stresses in durum wheat and Arabidopsis.
Journal of biotechnology;S150: S491-S491

AM De Leonardis*; F D'orso**; G Morelli**; I Ruberti***; L Cattivelli*; R Papa*; AM Mastrangelo*.  
A conserved group of CCCH zinc finger proteins is involved in response to abiotic stresses in durum wheat and Arabidopsis.

Valentina    Forte 1;    Simona    Baima 1;    Marco Felici 1,2; Ida Ruberti 3, Giorgio Morelli 1.  
Identification of a Regulatory Loop Controlling Xylem Production.
Journal of biotechnology;150S: 5493-5493

S.    Salvucci 1;     L.    Farina 2 ;    G.    Morelli 3 ;    I.    Ruberti 1.  
Behavioral dynamic modelling of fast responses: the Escherichia coli SOS system as a case study.
Journal of biotechnology;150S: S524-S524

G Sessa (1); A Ciolfi (1); M Possenti (2); S Salvucci (1); M Carabelli (1); G Morelli (2); I Ruberti (1).  
Regulatory networks in shade avoidance response.

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Doxorubicin-induced thymus senescence.
Journal of proteome research (Print);9(12): 6232-41

Di Domenico F; Owen JB; Sultana R; Sowell RA ; Perluigi M; Cini C; Cai JA; Pierce WD; Butterfield DA.  
The Wheat Germ Agglutinin-Fractionated Proteome of Subjects With Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment Hippocampus and Inferior Parietal Lobule: Implications for Disease Pathogenesis and Progression.
Journal of neuroscience research;88(16): 3566-77

Di Domenico F ; Sultana R; Tiu GF; Scheff NN; Perluigi M; Cini C; Butterfield DA.  
Protein levels of heat shock proteins 27, 32, 60, 70, 90 and thioredoxin-1 in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: An investigation on the role of cellular stress response in the progression of Alzheimer disease.
Brain research;1333: 72-81

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Involvement of stat3 in mouse brain development and sexual dimorphism: A proteomics approach.
Brain research;1362: 1-12

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Redox Proteomics in Aging Rat Brain: Involvement of Mitochondrial Reduced Glutathione Status and Mitochondrial Protein Oxidation in the Aging Process.
Journal of neuroscience research;88(16): 3498-507

S Baima*; F Fantasia*; V Forte*;  I Ruberti**; G Morelli*.  
Investigating the role of two small uORFs in the translational control of ATHB8 in Arabidopsis.

AM De Leonardis*; F D'Orso**; G Morelli**;  I Ruberti***;  L Cattivelli*; R Papa*;  AM Mastrangelo*.  
A conserved group of  CCCH zinc finger proteins is involved in response to abiotic stresses  in durum wheat and Arabidopsis.

Gabriele, S.; Rizza, A.; Martone, J.; Circelli, P.; Costantino, P.; Vittorioso, P.
The Dof protein DAG1 mediates PIL5 activity on seed germination by negatively regulating the GA biosynthetic gene AtGA3ox1.
Plant journal (Print);61(2): 312-23

M. Somma, F. Renda, V. Naim, E. Bucciarelli, C. Pellacani, A. Palena, M. Gatti.  
Int6, a New Regulator of Metaphase-Anaphase Transition in Drosophila S2 Cells.
Molecular biology of the cell (Online);21

Mattei E.1, Di Certo MG.1, Corbi N.2, Strimpakos G.1, Luvisetto S.1, Severini C.3, Onori A.2, Pisani C.2, Passananti C.2.  
The artificial gene Jazz, a transcriptional regulator of utrophin, corrects the dystrophic pathology in mdx mice.
Transgenic research;19(5):752-60

Gaetano C, Capogrossi M, Fanciulli M, Filetici P, Piaggio G.  
Epigenetics in rome: Breaking news from the chromatin remodeling and human disease workshop.
Epigenetics;5(3): 249-251