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GdL QUID; Permanent Training

Working Group on Teaching Quality and Innovation (GDL-QuID)

Allegra Via (IBPM), Training coordinator for  the Italian node of the European Infrastructure Elixir,   is part, as an external expert,  of the Working Group on Teaching Quality and Innovation (GDL-QuID)
The GDL-QuID, established in September 2017 at Sapienza University, works on the development of strategies for progress, improvement and innovation of teaching, with particular reference to methodologies, technologies and innovative teaching materials, dissemination of the culture of quality and innovation of teaching, and collaboration between teaching, research, and third mission.
The GDL-QuID has already developed many activities, including a “Train the Teacher” project;
- the first experimentation, in February 2018, involved   80 Sapienza Faculty;
- the first edition, in September 2018, was mandatory for all incoming RTDs;
- the second edition for RTDs is scheduled for September 2019.
On April 15, 2019, a kick-off meeting was held in the Aula Magna of the Rectorate to launch a permanent training programme, featuring workshops on specific educational themes and aimed at all professors who wish to rethink and innovate their own way of being teachers.