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Publications 2009

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E. Bucciarelli; C. Pellacani; V. Naim; A. Palena; M. Gatti;M.P. Somma.  
Drosophila Dgt6 protein interacts with Ndc80, Msps/XMAP215 and g-tubulin to promote kinetochore-driven MT formation. 
Current biology
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Human molecular genetics (Print)
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Protein engineering (Print)
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Proteomics-Determined Differences in the Concanavalin-A-Fractionated Proteome of Hippocampus and Inferior Parietal Lobule in Subjects with Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment: Implications for Progression of AD. 
Journal of proteome research (Print);8: 471-482
S Baima*; V Forte*; M Possenti*; B Felici**; I Ruberti***; G Morelli*.  
HD-ZIP III transcription factors and ACL5 are involved in a regulatory loop controlling vascular development. 
Patrizia Filetici, Maria Laura Santarelli,.