• Istituto di Biologia e Patologia Molecolari


IBPM staff perform educational and training activities at various levels
- Supervision of graduate, master and doctoral theses
- Tutoring activity in professional and training stages
- Seminars and lectures in Degree courses and PhD schools
- Theoretical and practical courses and workshops
• BSc and MSc thesis projects
Departments of Chemistry, Biochemical Sciences, Biology and Biotechnology, Molecular Medicine 
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• Teaching in Graduation Degree Courses (BSc degree)
BSc Degree in Agro-Industrial Biotechnologies, Department of Environmental Science, University of Rome Sapienza
Maura Cardarelli - "Molecular Biology" Course,
BSc Degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques, Sapienza University of Rome
Alessandro GiuffrèBases of Cell Function - Chemistry (3 CFUs on 9 CFUs),
• Teaching in Post-Graduate Courses (MSc degree)
MSc in Cell Technology and Biology - Sapienza University of Rome
Patrizia Filetici - Course "Epigenetic control in cell differentiation"  
Module I "Epigenetic Regulation of the Genome"
Elisa Caffarelli - Course "Epigenetic control in cell differentiation"  
Module II "RNA-based epigenetic mechanisms"
MSc in Genetics and Molecular Biology - Sapienza University of Rome
Patrizia Lavia - Course "Cell Cycle"
MSc in Neurobiology - Sapienza University of Rome
Cecilia Mannironi  - Course Molecular Neurobiology
• Teaching Boards in PhD Schools 
Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Sapienza University of Rome
Alessandro Giuffrè
Adele Di Matteo
Andrea Ilari
Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology, Sapienza University of Rome
Elisa Caffarelli
Patrizia Lavia
Ph.D. in Cellular BIology and Development, Sapienza University of Rome
Patrizia Filetici
Cinzia Rinaldo
• ELIXIR European post-doctoral training in bioinformatics 

Allegra Via, Italian Training Coordinator, Elixir European Infrastructure
• Post-graduate and post-doctoral professional training
Maura Cardarelli, IBPM training placements at the SOUL platform (Work Orientation System) of Sapienza University of Rome
• School / work alternation
Giovanna Costanzo, IBPM project coordinator 
• Lazio Region's exchange and training projects "Torno subito"

Patrizia Filetici, IBPM reference contact
• IBPM staff training and continuing education

Patrizia Somma, reference contact for research staff training
Antonella Palena, reference contact for technical and administrative staff training