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Publications 2007

Bellapadrona G. , Chiaraluce R. , Consalvi V,. Ilari  A. , Stefanini S. ,  Chiancone E.
The mutations Lys 114 -> Gln and Asp 126 -> Asn disrupt an intersubunit salt bridge and convert Listeria innocua Dps into its natural mutant Listeria monocytogenes Dps. Effects on protein stability at low pH.
Proteins (Print);66

1.Mangino G., 1.Percario Z.A., 2,3.Fiorucci G., 4.Vaccari G., 6.Manrique S., 7,3.Romeo G. , 5.Federico M., 6.Geyer M, 1.Affabris E.
In vitro treatment of human monocyte/macrophages with myristoylated recombinant Nef of HIV-1 leads to the activation of MAPKs, I{kappa}B kinases and Interferon Regulatory Factor 3 and to the release of Beta Interferon.
Journal of virology (Print);81: 2777-2791

Bellapadrona G, Chiaraluce R, Consalvi V, Ilari A, Stefanini S, Chiancone E.
The mutations Lys 114 --> Gln and Asp 126 --> Asn disrupt an intersubunit salt bridge and convert Listeria innocua Dps into its natural mutant Listeria monocytogenes Dps. Effects on protein stability at Low pH.

Ilari A, Kjelgaard P, von Wachenfeldt C, Catacchio B, Chiancone E, Boffi A.
Crystal structure and ligand binding properties of the truncated hemoglobin from Geobacillus stearothermophilus.
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics (Print);457: 85-94

Borisov VB; Forte E; Sarti P; Brunori M; Konstantinov AA; Giuffrè A.  
Redox control of fast ligand dissociation from Escherichia coli cytochrome bd.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications (Print);355: 97-102

Vicente JB; Scandurra FM; Rodrigues JV; Brunori M; Sarti P; Teixeira M; Giuffrè A.
Kinetics of electron transfer from NADH to the Escherichia coli nitric oxide reductase flavorubredoxin.
The FEBS journal (Print);274: 677-686

Bonamore A; Attili A; Arenghi F; Catacchio B; Chiancone E; Morea; Boffi A.  
A novel chimera: the "truncated hemoglobin-antibiotic monooxygenase" from Streptomyces avermitilis.
Gene (Amst.);398: 52-61

Arcovito A, Benfatto M, Cianci M, Hasnain SS, Nienhaus K, Nienhaus GU, Savino C, Strange RW, Vallone B, Della Longa S.
X-ray structure analysis of a metalloprotein with enhanced active-site resolution using in situ x-ray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America;104: 6211-6216

Gianni S, Ivarsson Y, Bah A, Bush-Pelc LA, Di Cera E.
Mechanism of Na(+) binding to thrombin resolved by ultra-rapid kinetics.
Biophysical chemistry (Print)

Gianni S, Brunori M, Travaglini-Allocatelli C.
Plasticity of the protein folding landscape: switching between on- and off-pathway intermediates.
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics (Print);466: 172-176

Di Matteo A, Gianni S, Schininà ME, Giorgi A, Altieri F, Calosci N, Brunori M, Travaglini-Allocatelli C.
A strategic protein in cytochrome c maturation: three-dimensional structure of CcmH and binding to apocytochrome c.

Jemth P, Gianni S.
PDZ domains: folding and binding.
Biochemistry (Easton);46: 8701-8708

Gianni S, Ivarsson Y, Jemth P, Brunori M, Travaglini-Allocatelli C.
Identification and characterization of protein folding intermediates.
Biophysical chemistry (Print);128: 105-113

Chi CN, Gianni S, Calosci N, Travaglini-Allocatelli C, Engström K, Jemth P.
A conserved folding mechanism for PDZ domains.
FEBS letters (Print);581: 1109-1113

Ivarsson Y, Travaglini-Allocatelli C, Jemth P, Malatesta F, Brunori M, Gianni  S.
An on-pathway intermediate in the folding of a PDZ domain.
The Journal of biological chemistry (Print);282: 8568-8572

Federici L, Masulli M, Bonivento D, Di Matteo A, Gianni S, Favaloro B, Di Ilio C, Allocati N.
Role of Ser11 in the stabilization of the structure of Ochrobactrum anthropi glutathione transferase.
Journal of Biochemistry (Tokyo);403: 267-274

Gianni S, Geierhaas CD, Calosci N, Jemth P, Vuister GW, Travaglini-Allocatelli.  
A PDZ domain recapitulates a unifying mechanism for protein folding.

Coccia R; Spadaccio C; Foppoli C; Perluigi M; Covino E; Lusini M; Chello M.  
The effect of simvastatin on erythrocyte membrane fluidity during oxidative stress induced by cardiopulmonary bypass: a randomized controlled study.
Clinical therapeutics;29: 1706-1717

De Marco F; Perluigi M; Foppoli C; Blarzino C; Cini C; Coccia R; Venuti A.  
UVB irradiation down-regulates HPV-16 RNA expression: Implications for malignant progression of transformed cells.
Virus research (Print);130: 249-259

Macone A, Caiazzo A, Antonucci A, Fochi I, Nardini M, Duprè S, Matarese RM.
Synthesis and characterization of a dehydrogenation product arising from the oxidation of aminoethylcysteine ketimine decarboxylated dimer.
Journal of natural products (Print);70: 1046-1048

Ceci P, Mangiarotti L, Rivetti C, Chiancone E.
The neutrophil-activating Dps protein of Helicobacter pylori, HP-NAP, adopts a mechanism different from Escherichia coli Dps to bind and condense DNA.
Nucleic acids research;35: 2247-2256

Chichiarelli S, Ferraro A, Altieri F, Eufemi M, Coppari S, Grillo C, Arcangeli V, Turano C.
The stress protein ERp57/GRP58 binds specific DNA sequences in HeLa cells.
Journal of cellular physiology (Print);363: 662-666

Rinaldo S, Brunori M, Cutruzzolà F.
Nitrite controls the release of nitric oxide in Pseudomonas aeruginosa cd1 nitrite reductase.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications (Print);363: 662-666

Rinaldo S, Arcovito A, Brunori M, Cutruzzolà F.
Fast dissociation of nitric oxide from ferrous Pseudomonas aeruginosa cd1 nitrite reductase. A novel outlook on the catalytic mechanism.

Gourlay LJ, Angelucci F, Baiocco P, Boumis G, Brunori M, Bellelli A, Miele AE.
The three-dimensional structure of two redox states of cyclophilin A from  Schistosoma mansoni. Evidence for redox regulation of peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase activity.

Costanzo G, Saladino R, Crestini C, Ciciriello F, Di Mauro E.
Formamide as the main building block in the origin of nucleic acids.
BMC developmental biology (Online);7: supp 2

Costanzo G, Saladino R, Crestini C, Ciciriello F, Di Mauro E.
Nucleoside phosphorylation by phosphate minerals.

Saladino R, Crestini C, Ciciriello F, Costanzo G, Di Mauro E.
Formamide chemistry and the origin of informational polymers.
Chemistry & biodiversity (Print);4: 694-720

Ciciriello F, Costanzo G, Crestini C, Saladino R, Di Mauro E.
Origin of informational polymers and the search for non-terran life: protection of the polymeric state of DNA by phosphate minerals.
Astrobiology (Larchmt. N.Y.);7: 616-630

Laneve P; Di Marcotullio L ; Gioia U; Fiori ME; Ferretti E; Gulino A; Bozzoni I; Caffarelli E.  
The interplay between microRNAs and the neurotrophin receptor tropomyosin-related kinase C controls proliferation of human neuroblastoma cells.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America;104: 7957-7962

D'Ulisse V; Fagioli M; Ghelardini P; Paolozzi L.
Three functional subdomains of the Escherichia coli FtsQ protein are involved in its interaction with the other division proteins.
Microbiology (N.Y.);153: 124-138

Fadda D; Santona A; D'Ulisse V; Ghelardini P; Ennas MG; Whalen MB; Massidda O.
Streptococcus pneumoniae DivIVA: localization and interactions in a MinCD-free context.
Journal of bacteriology (Print);189: 1288-1298

M Carabelli (1); M Possenti (2); G Sessa (1); A Ciolfi (1); M Sassi (1); G Morelli (2); I Ruberti (1).
Canopy shade causes a rapid and transient arrest in leaf development through auxin-induced cytokinin oxidase activity.
Genes & development;21: 1863-1868

Carmela Irene; Clelia Maciariello; Gioacchino Micheli; James F. Theis; Carol S. Newlon; Lucia Fabiani.  
DNA elements modulating the KARS12 chromosomal replicator in Kluyveromyces lactis.
Molecular genetics and genomics (Print);277: 287-299

Rossetti L, D'Isa G, Mauriello C, Varra M, De Santis P, Mayol L, Savino M.
A model for triple helix formation on human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) promoter and stabilization by specific interactions with the water soluble perylene derivative, DAPER.
Biophysical chemistry (Print);16: supp2

Pisano S, Marchioni E, Galati A, Mechelli R, Savino M, Cacchione S.
Telomeric nucleosomes are intrinsically mobile.
Journal of Molecular Biology;369: 1153-1152

Cecchetti V; Altamura MM; Serino G; Pomponi M; Falasca ; Costantino P; Cardarelli M.  
ROX1, a gene induced by rolB, is involved in procambial cell proliferation and xylem differentiation in tobacco stamen.
Plant journal (Print);49: 27-37

Nervi C., Fazi F., Rosa A., Fatica A. and Bozzoni I.
Emerging role of miRNAs in acute promyelocytic leukaemia. In "Acute promyelocytic Leukemia: Molecular Genetics, Mouse Models and Targeted Therapy".
Current topics in microbiology and immunology;313: 73-84

Vincenti S,, De Chiara V., Bozzoni I. and Presutti C.
The position of yeast snoRNA coding regions within host introns is essential for their biosynthesis and for efficient splicing of the host pre-mRNA.

Vernarecci S, Colotti G, Ornaghi P, Schiebel E, Chiancone E, Filetici P.  
The yeast penta-EF protein Pef1p is involved in cation-dependent budding and cell polarization.
Molecular microbiology (Print);65: 1122-1138

Giuliana Cassese; Elisabetta Parretta; Laura Pisapia; Angela Santoni; John Guardiola; Francesca Di Rosa.
Bone marrow CD8 cells down-modulate membrane IL-7Ralpha expression and exhibit increased STAT-5 and p38 MAPK phosphorylation in the organ environment.
Blood (Online);110: 1960-1969

Serena Vannucchi; Maria Vincenza Chiantore; Giorgio Mangino; Zulema Antonia Percario; Elisabetta Affabris; Gianna Fiorucci; Giovanna Romeo.
Perspectives in biomolecular therapeutic intervention in cancer: from the early to the new strategies with type I interferons.
Current medicinal chemistry;14: 667-679

Rosanò L, Di Castro V, Spinella F, Nicotra MR, Natali PG, Bagnato A.
ZD4054, a specific antagonist of the endothelin A receptor, inhibits tumor growth and enhances paclitaxel activity in human ovarian carcinoma in vitro and in vivo.
Molecular cancer therapeutics;6: 2003-2011

Rosanò L, Di Castro V, Spinella F, Tortora G, Nicotra MR, Natali PG, Bagnato.  
Combined targeting of endothelin A receptor and epidermal growth factor receptor  in ovarian cancer shows enhanced antitumor activity.
Cancer research (Chic. Ill.);67: 6351-6359

Di Modugno F, DeMonte L, Balsamo M, Bronzi G, Nicotra MR, Alessio M, Jager E, Condeelis JS, Santoni A, Natali PG, Nisticò P.
Molecular cloning of hMena (ENAH) and its splice variant hMena+11a: epidermalgrowth factor increases their expression and stimulates hMena+11a phosphorylation in breast cancer cell lines.
Cancer research (Chic. Ill.);67: 2657-2665

Spinella F, Rosanò L, Di Castro V, Decandia S, Nicotra MR, Natali PG, Bagnato A.
Endothelin-1 and endothelin-3 promote invasive behavior via hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha in human melanoma cells.
Cancer research (Chic. Ill.);67: 1725-1734

Passananti C;Floridi A; Fanciulli M.
Che-1/AATF, a multivalent adaptor connecting transcriptional regulation,checkpoint control, and apoptosis.
Biochemistry and cell biology (Print);85: 447-483

Onori A, Desantis A, Buontempo S, Di Certo MG, Fanciulli M, Salvatori L, Passananti C, Corbi N.
The artificial 4-zinc-finger protein Bagly binds human utrophin promoter A at theendogenous chromosomal site and activates transcription.

De Nicola F; Bruno T; Iezzi S;  Di Padova M; Floridi A; Passananti C; Del Sal G; Fanciulli M.
The prolyl isomerase Pin1 affects Che-1 stability in response to apoptotic DNA damage.
The Journal of biological chemistry (Print);282: 19685-19691

Baldini E, Ulisse S, Marchioni E, Di Benedetto A, Giovannetti G, Petrangeli E, Sentinelli S, Donnorso RP, Reale MG, Mottolese M, Gandini L, Lenzi A, D'Armiento M. Reale MG, Mottolese M, Gandini L, Lenzi A, D'Armiento M.
Expression of Fas and Fas ligand in human testicular germ cell tumours.
International journal of andrology (Print);Epub

Bonaccorsi S, Mottier V, Giansanti MG, Bolkan BJ, Williams B, Goldberg ML, Gatti M.
The Drosophila Lkb1 kinase is required for spindle formation and asymmetric neuroblast division.
Development (Camb.);134: 2183-2193

Stagni V, di Bari MG, Cursi S, Condo I, Cencioni MT, Testi R, Lerenthal Y, Cundari E, Barila D.
ATM kinase activity modulates Fas sensitivity through the regulation of FLIP in lymphoid cells.

Giansanti MG, Belloni G, Gatti M.
Rab11 Is Required for Membrane Trafficking and Actomyosin Ring Constriction in Meiotic Cytokinesis of Drosophila Males.
Molecular biology of the cell;18: 5034-5047

Tedeschi A, Ciciarello M, Mangiacasale R, Roscioli E, Rensen WM, Lavia P.
RANBP1 localizes a subset of mitotic regulatory factors on spindle microtubules and regulates chromosome segregation in human cells.
Journal of cell science;120: 3748-3761

Ciciarello M, Mangiacasale R, Lavia P.
Spatial control of mitosis by the GTPase Ran.
Cellular and molecular life sciences (Print. ed.);64: 1891-1914

Volzone A, Rizzo R, Gagliano A, Palmarino M, Lucarelli P, Arpino C, Curatolo P.
Lack of evidence for association between D2S124 and D2S111 polymorphisms of the SCN2A gene and idiopathic generalized epilepsy with generalized tonic clonic seizures.
Journal of child neurology;22: 907-910

Gloria-Bottini F, Amante A, Lucarelli P, Saccucci P, Martinoli R, Bottini E.
Functional aspects of genetic variability in the GH genomic region.
Journal of Endocrinology;193: 85-92

Corbo RM; Ulizzi L; Piombo L; Martinez-Labarga C; De Stefano GF; Scacchi R.
Estrogen receptor alpha polymorphisms and fertility in populations with different reproductive patterns.
Molecular human reproduction (Print);13: 537-40

Corbo RM; Gambina G; Ulizzi L; Monini P; Broggio E; Rosano A; Scacchi R.
Combined effect of apolipoprotein e genotype and past fertility on age at onset of Alzheimer's disease in women.
Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders;24: 82-85

Scacchi R; Pinto A; Rickards O; Pacella A; De Stefano GF; Cannella C; Corbo RM.
An analysis of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR-gamma 2) Pro12Ala polymorphism distribution and prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in world populations in relation to dietary habits.
NMCD. Nutrition Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases (Testo stamp.);17: 632-641

Scacchi R; Gambina G; Moretto G; Corbo RM.
A mutation screening by DHPLC of PSEN1 and APP genes reveals no significant variation associated with the sporadic late-onset form of Alzheimer's disease.
Neuroscience letters (Print);418: 282-285

Scacchi R; Pinto A; Gambina G; Rosano A; Corbo RM.
The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR-gamma2) Pro12Ala polymorphism is associated with higher risk for Alzheimer's disease in octogenarians.
Brain research;1139: 1-5

Cruciani F, La Fratta R, Trombetta B, Santolamazza P, Sellitto D, Colomb EB, Dugoujon JM, Crivellaro F, Benincasa T, Pascone R, Moral P, Watson E, Melegh B, Barbujani G, Fuselli S, Vona G, Zagradisnik B, Assum G, Brdicka R, Kozlov AI, Efremov GD, Coppa A,.  
Tracing past human male movements in northern/eastern Africa and western Eurasia: new clues from Y-chromosomal haplogroups E-M78 and J-M12.
Molecular biology and evolution;24: 1300-1311

Scacchi R, Gambina G, Broggio E,  Ruggeri M., Corbo RM.  
C-338A polymorphism of the endothelin-converting enzyme (ECE-1) gene and the susceptibility to sporadic late-onset Alzheimer’s disease and coronary artery disease.
Disease markers (Print);23: 1-5

Stefano Aquaro 1,2; Carolina Muscoli 3,4; Alessandro Ranazzi 1; Michela Pollicita 1; Teresa Granato 5; Laura Masuelli 1; Andrea Modesti 1; Carlo Federico Perno 1; Vincenzo Mollace 3,4,6.  
The contribution of peroxynitrite generation in HIV replication in human primary macrophages.

Gianna Fiorucci; Eleonora Olivetta; Maria Vincenza Chiantore; Maurizio Federico.
Microarray analysis reveals CCL24/eotaxin-2 as an effector of the pathogenetic effects induced by HIV-1 Nef.
Current drug discovery technologies;4: 12-23

Passananti C; Fanciulli M.
The anti-apoptotic factor Che-1/AATF links transcriptional regulation, cell cycle control, and DNA damage response.
Cell division (London);16: 2-21

Cioci F, Di Felice F, Chiani F, Camilloni G.  
DNA protein interactions at the rRNA of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

L Farina 1; A De Santis 1; G Morelli 2; I Ruberti 3.  
Dynamic measure of gene co-regulation.
IET systems biology (Print);1: 10-17

Loreti S, Ricordy R, Egle De Stefano M, Augusti-Tocco G, Maria Tata A.
Acetylcholine inhibits cell cycle progression in rat Schwann cells by activation of the M2 receptor subtype.
Neuron glia biology;3: 269-279

D'ATRI, Stefania; (IT).  FAILLA, Cristina Maria; (IT).  LACAL, Pedro Miguel; (IT).  ORECCHIA, Angela; (IT).  ZAMBRUNO, Giovanna; (IT).  TRAMONTANO, Anna; (IT).  SORO, Simonetta; (IT).  MOREA, Veronica; (IT).

Benvenuto E; Desiderio A; Donini M; Villani ME; Morea V.
Frammenti anticorporali ricombinanti ad alta stabilità umanizzati.

Mattei E; Corbi N; Di Certo MG; Strimpakos G; Severini C; Onori A; Desantis A; Libri V; Buontempo S; Floridi A; Fanciulli M; Baban D; Davies KE; Passananti C.
Utrophin up-regulation by an artificial transcription factor in transgenic mice.
PloS one;2: e774--

D. Seripa 1; M. G. Matera 1; A. Daniele 2; A. Bizzarro 2; M. Rinaldi 3; C. Gravina 1; L. Bisceglia 4; R. M. Corbo 5,6; F. Panza7; V. Solfrizzi 7; V. M. Fazio 8,9; G. Dal Forno 10,11; C. Masullo 2; B. Dallapiccola 12,13; A. Pilotto 1,14.  
The missing ApoE allele.
Annals of human genetics (Print);71: 496-500

Di Certo MG; Corbi N; Bruno T; Iezzi S; De Nicola F; Desantis A; Ciotti MT; Mattei E; Floridi A; Fanciulli M; Passananti C.
NRAGE associates with the anti-apoptotic factor Che-1 and regulates its degradation to induce cell death.
Journal of cell science;120: 1852-1858

Franceschin M., Alvino A., Casagrande V., Mauriello C., Pascucci E., Savino M., Ortaggi G., Bianco A.
Specific interactions with intra- and intermolecular G-quadruplex DNA structures by hydrosoluble coronene derivatives: A new class of telomerase inhibitors.
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry (Print);15: 1848-1858

Franceschin M., Pascucci E., A.Alvino, D’ambrosio D., Bianco A., OrtaggiG., Savino M.
New highly hydrosoluble and not self-aggregated perylene derivatives with three and four polar side chains as G-quadruplex telomere targeting agents and telomerase inhibitors.
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters (Print);17: 2515-2522

Passananti C. 1., Corbi N. 1, Onori A. 1, Di Certo M.G. 2.  
Acido nucleico codificante per una proteina regolatrice specifica della trascrizione dell'utrofina; proteina da esso codificata e sue applicazioni.

G Morelli (1); M Carabelli (2); M Possenti (1); G Sessa (2); A Ciolfi (2); M Sassi (2); I Ruberti (2).  
Dissecting the shade avoidance response in Arabidopsis.

Calabrese, V (Calabrese, Vittorio); Mancuso, C (Mancuso, Cesare); Ravagna, A (Ravagna, Agrippino); Perluigi, M (Perluigi, Marzia); Cini, C (Cini, Chiara); De Marco, C (De Marco, Carlo); Butterfield, A (Butterfield, Allan); Stella, AMG (Stella, Anna Maria Giuffrida).  
In vivo induction of heat shock proteins in the substantia nigra following L-DOPA administration is associated with increased activity of mitochondrial complex I and nitrosative stress in rats: regulation by glutathione redox state.
Journal of neurochemistry;101: 709-717

Rosa A.; Ballarino M.; Sorrentino A.; Sthandier O.; De Angelis F.G.; Marchioni M.; Guarini A.; Fatica A.; Peschle C.; Bozzoni I.
The interplay between the master transcription factor PU.1 and miR-424 regulates human monocytic differentiation.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America;104: 19849-19854

Louise J. Gourlay; Francesco Angelucci; Paola Baiocco; Giovanna Boumis; Maurizio Brunori; Andrea Bellelli; Adriana E. Miele.  
The Three-dimensional Structure of Two Redox States of Cyclophilin A from Schistosoma mansoni.
The Journal of biological chemistry (Print);282: 24851-24857

Muscoli C.*, Visalli V.*, Rodinò P.°, Del Duca C.^ and Mollace V.*.  
Pharmacological modulation of oxidative stress in HIV related neurodegenerative disorders.

Pollicita M*, Muscoli C, Sgura A, Grassi T, Mollace V, Tanzarella C, Del Duca C, Rodino P, Perno CF, and Aquaro S.
Role of Oxidative Stress on HIV-1 mediated Apoptosis and on Telomeres Length in an Human Astrocytoma Cell Line.