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Istitute of Molecular Biology and Pathology - National Research Council
Department of Biology and Biotecnology - Charles Darwin
Sapienza University of Rome - Istituto Genetica, room 1-07 - P.Le A.Moro 5 00185 Roma
My research interests cover many aspects of chromatin structure and function. I study this topic by selecting mutations in Drosophila melanogaster and analyzing how they affect chromosome behavior and, consequently, mitotic and male meiotic divisions. In particular, I focus on the cytological effects of these mutations on cytokinesis.
I am also interested in the analysis of chromosome structure, with particular emphasis on the molecular mechanisms of telomeric fusions and the genetic and molecular characterization of mutations causing chromosome breakage.
I also have an ongoing analysis of Y chromosome-associated heterochromatin with a specific interest on alternative DNA structures.

Finally, collaborations exist with physicians of the San Camillo Hospital (Roma) for the study of the human urogenital tract, its diseases and its development.
PUBLICATIONS (last ten years, selected – starting from newest):

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Collaborations within IBPM:
Dr MG Giansanti
Dr F di Rosa
Collaborations with other Institutions:
Dr A Porrello, Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC), University of North Carolina (UNC)-Chapel Hill, USA.
Dr V Briganti, Dr C Gulìa and Dr F Signore, Azienda Ospedaliera San Camillo Forlanini, Roma.
2016-2017 - Adjunct Professor of Genetics at Sapienza - Università di Roma
2003-2012 - Adjunct Professor of Genetics at Università di Urbino "Carlo Bo".
2009-2010 - Adjunct Professor of Genetics at Sapienza - Università di Roma - Polo di Latina (Università Pontina).
2012-present: Researcher at CNR-IBPM
2010-2012: Research Fellow at Sapienza - Università di Roma
2008: international fellowship at Umea University (Sweden, Prof. A. Chabes' Lab)
2005-2007: Research Fellow at Sapienza - Università di Roma
2002 and 2011: training course in Bioinformatics
2002: training course in Mass Spectrometry
1999-2000: international fellowship at UC Davis (CA-USA, Prof. K. C. Burtis' Lab)
1999: PhD degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology
1993: graduation in Biology


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2017: Project Management Advanced (ISIPM)
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