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Breast cancer: role of extracellular matrix in the development of breast cancer and expression of metal-matrix protease (MMP 2,3,9) in tissue and serum of human breast carcinoma and correlation with clinical biological parameters of the tumor.

Hereditary breast cancer study. Approximately 50% of hereditary breast cancers is caused by mutations of genes BRCA1e BRCA2 (17q21 and 13q12 allocated on), with autosomal. In collaboration with the ISS was activated at the national level, a "Program of Surveillance of women at high genetic risk of breast cancer-family: development of an Italian National Network. "Primary and secondary objectives of the work are: early diagnosis, assessment of new cases of breast Carcinoma, by age group.

Ovarian Cancer: Study and identification of a new biomarker, Human epididymis protein 4 (HE-4), to implement an early diagnosis of T.O and improve clinical management by documenting the response to neoa-djuvant and adjuvant  therapy also evaluating the tumor burden.

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9) Anastasi E, Granato T, Coppa A, Manganaro L, Giannini G, Comploj S, Frati L, Midulla C.

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10) Midulla C, Manganaro L, Longo F, Viggiani V, Frati L, Granato T. Anastasi E.

HE4 combined with MDCT imaging is a good marker in the evaluation of disease

extension in advanced ovarian epi


- Service of cancer prevention, gynecology and breast imaging.

- Service of tumor markers.

- Service Oncogenetic and Molecular Diagnosis.


Research Group:


Prof G Giannini, Dip.Med.Mol. Sapienza University of Rome.

Prof. Ottini L, Dip.Med. Sper. Sapienza University of Rome.

Dr. Midulla C, Dip.Med.Mol.Sapienza University of Rome.

Dr. Anastasi E, Dip.Med.Mol. Sapienza University of Rome.

Name: Teresa Granato

Position: Researcher Role of Professional Level III, CNR-IBPM, Rome.


Teresa was born in Garnet Briatico Prov. (VV) October 8, 1959.

Resident of on Via di Priscilla 31, 00199 Rome.



1985 Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Universita 'degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza".

1985 qualified as a Surgeon at the Universita 'degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza".

1985-1987 as a student attends internal DIP. MED. SPER, Service Immunopathology, Director Prof. Mario Pontieri at University of Rome "La Sapienza".

He won the 1987 competition to be admitted to the School of Clinical Pathology and its award of the scholarship for members of the first year NO

1990-1993 attended the Service of Cytopathology, Director. Prof. Aldo Vecchione, Universita 'degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza".

1992 obtained a diploma in Clinical Pathology, Universita'degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" with a vote of 70/70 cum laude.

1992 attended the Course for the Year Accademico1992/93 in "Breast", IV Surgical Clinic of Policinico Umberto I of the same university in Rome, earning a diploma.

1994 attended the Course for the academic year 1993/94, in "Daytime Home Care and Surgical Oncology in" IVth Surgical Clinic of Policlinico Umberto I of the same university in Rome, earning a diploma.

In 1994/97 service as Clinical Pathology and Medical Director at the CID, private laboratory under the public contract under the laws of current diagnostics, in Rome.

He attended the 1996 Course in "Colposcopy and Cervical-Vaginal Pathology" for the academic year 1997/98, The Clinical Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Director Calzolari Professor Hector, the Policinico Umberto I of the same university in Rome, earning a diploma.

1996 Winner of the competition for public examination in two places and titles for Researcher of the 3 rd LP takes its first service at The IBAF of Catanzaro and still at the 'IBPM-CNR, Rome / Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Rome "La Sapienza".

2000 Winner of Competition for the School of Specialization in Clinical Oncology-The second faculty of the University "La Sapienza" of Rome, Sant'Andrea Hospital.

2004 He obtained the Diploma of Specialization in Clinical Oncology at the Second Faculty of the University "La Sapienza" of Rome,Sant'Andrea Hospital.