• Istituto di Biologia e Patologia Molecolari

The Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology  (IBPM) develops research projects in the fields of human health, the environment, agrifood and in biotechnological applications using interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches.


The IBPM develops research in the following areas:

• structural bases of protein and nucleic acid function, with a special focus on control of gene and genome expression in animal and plants,  regulation of enzymatic activities, respiratory proteins, and molecules involved in the immune response;
• molecular mechanisms of evolution and differentiation of biological systems;
• synthesis, biosynthesis, and characterization of bioactive molecules; development of novel chemical methodologies; analysis of the effects of newly developed compounds on human health and characterization of their mechanisms of action at the molecular level.

IBPM laboratories are hosted within the University of Rome La Sapienza

EMBO practical course

Protein-protein interactions: sequences, networks, diseases


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T- Cell Memory

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