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Over years, I developed interest toward the mechanisms underlying gene expression regulation in nervous system (NS). By using NS tumour-derived cell lines directed toward in vitro differentiation, I contributed to identify the function of genes at the crossroad between cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. More recently, I turned attention to mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) as a refined cell model where analysing the gene pathways implicated in motor neuron (MN) differentiation or degeneration (Main Activity).



In this framework, I addressed specific attention to the dissection of the post-transcriptional circuitries headed by noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs), transcripts that lack preteinogenic potential and function as fine but potent modulators of gene expression. The activity of these molecules is biologically relevant in the NS, where they show enriched spatiotemporal expression patterns and specific activities in development and functionality. I participated into or I supervised research lines aimed to identify and characterize candidates from several classes of ncRNAs.



Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal MN disease largely depending on RNA dysregulation; mutations in pleiotropic RNA-binding proteins, as FUS, cause ALS through unclear etiopathological mechanisms. My aim was to explore the still largely unknown noncoding side of ALS. We:

i) performed transcriptome analyses of MNs differentiated from mESCs carrying ALS-FUS mutations,

ii) defined the repertoire of ncRNAs and

iii) analysed their biogenesis, expression and activity.


1)     circular RNAs whose biosynthesis is affected by FUS were identified

2)     we described aberrant crosstalks between deregulated microRNAs and target mRNAs.

3)     we characterized specific lncRNAs, putatively involved in MN differentiation or FUS-dependent degeneration.

Future efforts will be addressed to delve into the physio-pathological functions of the identified species, both in vitro and in vivo.

10 Selected Publications on International Peer-Reviewed Journals

2018. Biscarini S, Capauto D, Peruzzi G, Lu L, Colantoni A, Santini T, Shneider NA, Caffarelli E, Laneve P, Bozzoni I. Characterization of the lncRNA transcriptome in mESC-derived motor neurons: Implications for FUS-ALS. Stem Cell Res. 27:172-179.

2018. Capauto D, Colantoni A, Lu L, Santini T, Peruzzi G, Biscarini S, Morlando M, Shneider NA, Caffarelli E, Laneve P, Bozzoni I. A Regulatory Circuitry Between Gria2, miR-409, and miR-495 Is Affected by ALS FUS Mutation in ESC-Derived Motor Neurons. Mol Neurobiol. In press.

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2010. Laneve P, Gioia U, Andriotto A, Moretti F, Bozzoni I, Caffarelli E. A minicircuitry involving REST and CREB controls miR-9-2 expression during human neuronal differentiation. Nucleic Acids Res 38:6895-905.

2007. Laneve P, Di Marcotullio L, Gioia U, Fiori ME, Ferretti E, Gulino A, Bozzoni I, Caffarelli E. The interplay between microRNAs and the neurotrophin receptor tropomyosin-related kinase C controls proliferation of human neuroblastoma cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 104:7957-62.

Total Publications: 26

Total Citations:  990

Hirsch (H) Index: 15

source: SCOPUS database

Present Position and Work Address

PhD, Researcher

Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology – CNR of Italy

Research Project: RNA circuitries in neuron differentiation, degeneration and tumours.

pietro.laneve@cnr.it; pietro.laneve@uniroma1.it



2018. CNR permanent researcher, III level.

2017. National Scientific Qualification. Settore Concorsuale: 05/E2, Fascia: 2 BIO/11

2015. Lecturer: Biologia Molecolare delle Cellule Staminali, Laurea Magistrale in Biologia e Tecnologie Cellulari, Faculty of Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

2013. Lecturer: Controllo Epigenetico nel Differenziamento Cellulare, Laurea Magistrale in Biologia e Tecnologie Cellulari, Faculty of Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

2006. PhD graduation in Genetics and Molecular Biology, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

2003. Professional biologist. Università degli Studi della Tuscia of Viterbo, Italy.

2002. Master Degree Thesis graduation in Biology, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.


Past Research/Professional Activities

2012-2018. Junior Scientist, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.

Center for Life Nanoscience@Sapienza, Rome, Italy.

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Giancarlo Ruocco.

Research project: The RNA perspectives in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

2014. Visiting Scientist, Center for Motor Neuron Biology and Disease of Columbia University Medical Center, New York City, NY, USA.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Neil Shneider

Research project: Differentiation of Spinal Motoneurons from mouse Embryonic Stem Cells.

2009-2012. Chercheur post-doctorant, Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Angela Giangrande

Research project: Post-transcriptional mechanisms in Drosophila melanogaster neural development.

2006-2009. Post-doctoral research associate, Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

Principal Investigators: Prof. Irene Bozzoni, Dr. Elisa Caffarelli.

Research project: a) Analysis of microRNA function in neuronal systems and related cancers. b) Analysis of Eukaryotic RNase structure and function.

2005. Visiting scientist, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Jorgen Kjems

Research project: miRNA expression in neuronal differentiation and neuroblastic tumours.

2002-2006. PhD programme in Genetics and Molecular Biology, School of Molecular Medicine and Biology. Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

Supervisor: Dr. Elisa Caffarelli. Tutor: Dr. Paolo Fruscoloni

Research project:  Analysis of the structure and function of a RNase in Xenopus laevis.

2000-2002. Laboratory training at Centro Acidi Nucleici-CNR, Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology, Sapienza University of Rome.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Elisa Caffarelli

Research project: Purification and characterization of a RNase from X.laevis.


2 National and International Patents

1. International Patent n. 7459298, filed on December 02, 2008

Authors: Bozzoni I, Caffarelli E, Laneve P.

Title Purification, cloning and biochemical characterization of XendoU, endoribonucleasic activity involved in small nuclear RNA splicing-independent biosynthesis in Xenopus laevis

2. National Patent n. RM 2002 A 000365, filed on July 02, 2002

Authors: Bozzoni I, Caffarelli E, Laneve P.

Title Purificazione, clonazione e caratterizzazione biochimica di XendoU, l'attività endoribonucleolitica coinvolta nella biosintesi splicing-indipendente dei piccoli RNA nucleolari in X. laevis


2 Awards

2010. Prize « Espoirs de la Recherche » from Fondation pour la Recherche Medicale en France (FRM).

Post-transcriptional mechanisms in Drosophila neural stem cells

2006. “Giovane Ricercatore 2006” awarded by CIB, Consorzio Interuniversitario di Biotecnologie

From snoRNAs biosynthesis to SARS-CoV replication: XendoU, an evolutionary conserved enzyme for RNA processing.


10 Fellowships/Contracts from National and International Research Institutions from 2003 through 2018.