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Drosophila melanogaster is an excellent model organism to study cell division. My principal expertise and research interests are focused on the mechanisms underlying spindle assembly in different Drosophila cells, such as S2 tissue culture cells, larval brain neuroblasts and male meiotic cells. These cells exploit different pathways for spindle formation and are therefore very useful for the analysis of this process.
In particular I am pursuing the indentification of new genes involved in: 
1)the structure and function of centrioles/centrosomes
2) the control of kinetochore-driven microtubule growth
3) the correct execution of male meiosis
I have an extensive background in microscopy, live imaging, and cell biology in larval brain neuroblasts ,male meiotic cells and in tissue culture cells. I am applying my expertise in cell biology and microscopy to studies in Drosophila cell division. The mechanisms of the spindle assembly are currently investigated using both direct and inverse genetics (RNAi in vivo, RNAi in colture cells) toghether with cytological and molecular approaches (immunostaining, Western Blot, PCR, DNA cloning, fusion protein expression and purification). In addition I use time lapse videomicroscopy to analyze in vivo the dynamics of spindle assembly in physiological/pertubated conditions using Metamorph software. 
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-within IBPM
Dr. Maria Patrizia Somma 
-with other institutions:
Maurizio Gatti, Dip. Biologia e Biotechnologie “Charles Darwin”, Sapienza
Silvia Bonaccorsi, Dip. Biologia e Biotechnologie “Charles Darwin”, Sapienza
Laura Fanti, Dip. Biologia e Biotechnologie “Charles Darwin”, Sapienza
Michael L. Goldberg, Dept. of Molecular Biology & Genetics, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY, USA