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Pubblicazioni 2005

Giambra V, Fruscalzo A, Giufre' M, Martinez-Labarga C, Favaro M, Rocchi M, Frezza D.
Evolution of human IgH3'EC duplicated structures: both enhancers HS1,2 are polymorphic with variation of transcription factor's consensus sites.
Gene (Amst.);346: 105-114

G Sessa (1); M Carabelli (1); M Sassi (1); A Ciolfi (1); M Possenti (2); F Mittempergher (1); J Becker (3); G Morelli (2); I Ruberti (1).
A dynamic balance between gene activation and repression regulates the shade avoidance response in Arabidopsis.
Genes & development;19: 2811-2815

Corbi N; Bruno T; De Angelis R; Di Padova M; Libri V; Di Certo MG; Spinardi L; Floridi A; Fanciulli M; Passananti C.
RNA Polymerase II subunit 3 is retained in the cytoplasm by its interaction with HCR, the psoriasis vulgaris candidate gene product.
Journal of cell science;15: 4253-4260

Gianna Fiorucci; Serena Vannucchi; Maria Vincenza Chiantore; Zulema Antonia Percario; Elisabetta Affabris; Giovanna Romeo.
TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (Trail) as a pro-apoptotic signal transducer with cancer therapeutic potential.
Current pharmaceutical design (Print);11: 933-944

Uccini S, Mannarino O, McDowell HP, Pauser U, Vitali R, Natali PG, Altavista P, Andreano T, Coco S, Boldrini R, Bosco S, Clerico A, Cozzi D, Donfrancesco A, Inserra A, Kokai G, Losty PD, Nicotra MR, Raschella G, Tonini GP, Dominici C.
Clinical and molecular evidence for c-kit receptor as a therapeutic target in neuroblastic tumors.
Clinical cancer research (Print);11: 380-389

Ornaghi P, Rotili D, Sbardella G, Mai A, Filetici P.
A novel Gcn5p inhibitor represses cell growth, gene transcription and histone acetylation in budding yeast.
Biochemical pharmacology;70: 911-917

Serena Vannucchi; Maria vincenza Chiantore; Gianna Fiorucci; Zulema Antonia Percario; Stefano Leone; Elisabetta Affabris; Giovanna Romeo.
Trail is a key target in S-phase slowing-dependent apoptosis induced by interferon-beta in cervical carcinoma cells.
Oncogene (Basingstoke);24: 2536-2546

Pizzitutti F, Giansanti A, Ballario P, Ornaghi P, Torreri P, Ciccotti G, Filetici P.
The role of loop ZA and Pro371 in the function of yeast Gcn5p bromodomain revealed through molecular dynamics and experiment.
JMR. Journal of molecular recognition;19: 1-9

Abramov YA, Kogan GL, Tolchkov EV, Rasheva VI, Lavrov SA, Bonaccorsi S, Kramerova IA, Gvozdev VA.
Eu-heterochromatic rearrangements induce replication of heterochromatic sequences normally underreplicated in polytene chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster.
Genetics (Austin Tex.);171: 1673-1681

Ciciarello M, Lavia P.
New CRIME plots: Ran and transport factors regulate mitosis.
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Aneuploidy: a matter of bad connections.
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Influence of caspase activity on micronuclei detection: a possible role for caspase-3 inmicronucleation.
Mutagenesis;20: 173-179

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Resveratrol affects X-ray induced apoptosis and cell cycle delay in human cells in vitro.
International Journal of Molecular Medicine;15: 1005-1012

Mally A, Pepe G, Ravoori S, Fiore M, Ramesh C G, Wolfgang D, Mosesso P.
Ochratoxin A Causes DNA Damage and Cytogenetic Effects but No DNA Adducts in Rats.
Chemical research in toxicology;18: 1253-1261

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A role of p73 in mitotic exit.
The Journal of biological chemistry (Print);280: 30354-30360

Sinibaldi-Vallebona P, Lavia P, Garaci E, Spadafora C.
A role for endogenous reverse transcriptase in tumorigenesis and as a target in differentiating cancer therapy.
Genes chromosomes & cancer (Print);45: 1-10

Di Franco C, Santini T, Pisaneschi G, Beccari E.
Insights into the genetic organization of the Bacillus mycoides cryptic plasmids pDx14.2 and pSin9.7 deduced from their complete nucleotide sequence.
Plasmid (Print);54: 288-293

Gioia U; Laneve P; Dlakic M; Arceci M; Bozzoni I; Caffarelli E.  
Functional characterization of XendoU, the endoribonuclease involved in small nucleolar RNA biosynthesis.
The Journal of biological chemistry (CD-ROM);280: 18996-19002

Grimaldi B, de Raaf MA, Filetici P, Ottonello S, Ballario P.
Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer and enhanced green fluorescent protein visualization in the mycorrhizal ascomycete Tuber borchii: a first step towards truffle genetics.
Current genetics;48: 69-74

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Salt-dependent expression of ammonium assimilation genes in the halotolerant yeast, Debaryomyces hansenii.
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Fixed and unstable I-related transposable elements in heterochromatin of Drosophila melanogaster.
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Evidence for a functional interaction between the Bari1 transposable element and the cytochrome P450 cyp12a4 gene in Drosophila melanogaster.
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Neuroglobin, nitric oxide, and oxygen: functional pathways and conformational changes.
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Reassessment of Protein Stability, DNA Binding, and Protection of Mycobacterium smegmatis Dps.
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Biological response of human diploid keratinocytes to quinone-producing compounds: role of NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1.
International journal of biochemistry & cell biology;37: 852-863

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The truncated oxygen-avid hemoglobin from Bacillus subtilis: X-ray structure and ligand binding properties.
The Journal of biological chemistry (Print);280: 9192-9202

Giangrossi M; Zattoni S; Tramonti A; De Biase D; Falconi M.
Antagonistic role of H-NS and GadX in the regulation of the glutamate decarboxylase-dependent acid resistance system in Escherichia coli.
Journal of biological chemistry (Online);280: 21498-21505

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Nitric oxide, cytochrome c oxidase and myoglobin: competition and reaction pathways.
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The unusual intersubunit ferroxidase center of Listeria innocua Dps is required for hydrogen peroxide detoxification but not for iron uptake. A study with site-specific mutants.
Biochemistry (Easton);44: 5579-5587

Mignogna G; Giorgi A; Stefanelli P; Neri A; Colotti G; Maras B; Schinina ME.  
Inventory of the proteins in Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B strain MC58.
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Probing the access of protons to the K pathway in the Paracoccus denitrificans cytochrome c oxidase.
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The so-called Listeria innocua ferritin is a Dps protein. Iron incorporation, detoxification, and DNA protection properties.
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Pomponi M, Censi V, Di Girolamo V, De Paolis A, di Toppi LS, Aromolo R, Costantino P, Cardarelli M.
Overexpression of Arabidopsis phytochelatin synthase in tobacco plants enhances Cd(2+) tolerance and accumulation but not translocation to the shoot.
Planta;223: 180-190

Saladino R, Crestini C, Busiello V, Ciciriello F, Costanzo G, Di Mauro E.
Origin of informational polymers: differential  stability of 3'- and 5'-phosphoester bonds in deoxy  monomers and oligomers.

Saladino R, Crestini C, Neri V, Brucato J, Colangeli L, Ciciriello F, Di Mauro E, Costanzo G.
Synthesis and degradation of nucleic acids components by formamide and cosmic dust analogues.
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Role of histone acetylation in the control of gene expression.
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Insights into the Catalytic Mechanism of Glutathione S-Transferase: The Lesson from Schistosoma haematobium.
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Francisci S; De Luca C; Oliva R; Morea V; Tramontano A; Frontali L.
Aminoacylation and conformational properties of yeast mitochondrial tRNA mutants with respiratory deficiency.
RNA (Camb., Print);11: 914-927

Arpino C, Piciullo A, Palmarino M, Saccucci P, Galasso C, Lucarelli P, Curatolo P.
Lack of association between IDE genetic variability and Down's syndrome.
Neuroscience letters (Print);382: 93-95

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Risk of type 1 diabetes in ch ildhood and maternal age at delivery, Interaction with ACP1 and sex.

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Adaptation to past malarial endemia and susceptibility to common diseases in modern populations: a study of adenosine deaminase and MN blood group genetic polymorphisms.
American journal of physical anthropology;128: 194-198

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Serum glucose concentration and ACP1 genotype in healthy adult subjects.

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Oxidation of hypotaurine and cysteine sulphinic acid by peroxynitrite.
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Temporins: small antimicrobial peptides with leishmanicidal activity.
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An obligatory intermediate in the folding pathway of cytochrome c552 from Hydrogenobacter thermophilus.

Campo S, Serlupi-Crescenzi O, Arseni B, Rossi S, Saggio I, Salone B, Cherubini G, Carminati P, De Santis R.
Comparative activity of Sant7 and anti-IL-6, IL-6R monoclonal antibodies in a murine model of B-cell lymphoma.
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The mechanism of telomere protection: a comparison between Drosophila and humans.
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The putative Drosophila transcription factor Woc is required to prevent telomeric fusions.
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The co-transcriptional assembly of snoRNPs controls the biosynthesis of H/ACA snoRNAs in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Molecular and cellular biology (Print);25: 5396-5403

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FOB1 affects DNA topoisomerase I in vivo cleavages in the enhancer region of the S.cerevisiae ribosomal DNA locus.
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A mini-circuitry comprising microRNA 223 and transcription factor NF1-A and C/EBPa regulates human granulopoiesis.
Cell (Cambridge);123: 819-831

Rossetti L, Franceschin M, Schirripa S, Bianco A, Ortaggi G, Savino M.
Selective interactions of perylene derivatives having different side chainswith inter- and intramolecular G-quadruplex DNA structures. A correlation with telomerase inhibition.
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry (Print);17: 413-420

Mattei E.1; Passananti C.2; Corbi N.3.  
Modello transgenico per il gene sintetico zincfinger, regolatore trascrizionale dell'utrofina.

Bertolini L.1; Aebischer M.L.2; Ameglio F.3; Angeloni A.4; Delaroche I.5; Faggioni A.6; Fruscalzo A.7; Gorini G.8; Serafino A.9; Starace G.10; Tabilio A.11.  
Phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of new euploid-diploid lymphoblastoid B cell lines EBV+, normal human bone marrow derived, spontaneously overgrown in vitro.
Journal of virological methods;126: 91-100

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Inhibition of endogenous reverse transcriptase antagonizes human tumor growth.
Oncogene (Basingstoke);24: 3923-3931

Cacciatore I.,Cocco A., Costa M., Fontana M., Lucente G., Pecci L., Pinnen F.
Biochemical properties of new synthetic carnosine analogues containing the residue of 2,3-diaminopropionic acid: the effect of N-acetylation.
Amino acids (Wien, Print);28: 77-83

Elisabetta Parretta; Giuliana Cassese; Pasquale Barba; Angela Santoni; John Guardiola; Francesca Di Rosa.  
CD8 cell division maintaining cytotoxic memory occurs predominantly in the bone marrow.
The journal of immunology (1950. Online);174: 7654-7664

M. Carabelli; M. Possenti; F. Mittempergher; G. Sessa; K. Ljung; G. Sandberg; G. Morelli; I. Ruberti.  
The shade avoidance response in Arabidopsis thaliana.

M Carabelli*; M Possenti**; F Mittempergher*; G Sessa*; K Ljung***; G Sandberg***; G Morelli**; I Ruberti*.  
The shade avoidance response in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Jilek A; Mollay C; Tippelt C; Grassi J; Mignogna G; Müllegger J; Sander V; Fehrer C; Barra D; Kreil G.
Biosynthesis of a D-amino acid in peptide linkage by an enzyme from frog skin secretions.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America;102: 4235-4239

Patrizia Filetici, Maria Laura Santarelli.  
Biotecnologie per il restauro e la conservazione dei materiali antichi.
Materiali e strutture;III: 194-207