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AAVs for gene delivery in mouse models

Mouse model collection
Transgenic mice
Mouse model: Transgenic mouse named Tg-Jazz (CNR patented)
Genetic background: generated on the Hybrid genetic background BDF1 (C57Black6 x DBA)
Transgene: Zinc Finger Artificial Transcription Factor ZF-ATF “Jazz” (GenBank accession number AJ243577.1.)
Expression: muscle-specific
Contacts: Claudio Passananti (IBPM): claudio.passananti@uniroma1.it
               Elisabetta Mattei (IBCN): elisabetta.mattei@cnr.it
Mouse model: Transgenic mdx mouse named mdx-Jazz
Genetic background: generated by the crossbreeding of Jazz transgenic mouse with the Dystrophin-deficient C57BL/10ScSn-DMDmdx/Jmice (mdx)
Transgene: Zinc Finger Artificial Transcription Factor ZF-ATF “Jazz” 
Expression of transgene: muscle-specific
Application: Pathologic mouse model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD): evaluation of muscle rescue induced by ZF-ATF expression
Contacts: Claudio Passananti (IBPM): claudio.passananti@uniroma1.it
                Elisabetta Mattei (IBCN): elisabetta.mattei@cnr.it
AAV treated mice
Mouse model: WT, Dystrophin-deficient mdx and possible other appropriate pathologic mouse models.
Genetic background: WT (C57Black6), Dystrophin-deficient mdx (C57BL/10ScSn-DMDmdx) 
AAV delivered gene: Zinc Finger Artificial Transcription Factors (ZF-ATFs, CNR patented), Enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) and possibly any other gene
Expression of AAV delivered gene: muscle-specific and possibly any other tissue
Contacts: Claudio Passananti (IBPM): claudio.passananti@uniroma1.it
                Annalisa Onori (IBPM): annalisa.onori@uniroma1.it
                Elisabetta Mattei (IBCN): elisabetta.mattei@cnr.it