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Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology - National Research Council
Department of Molecular Medicine
Sapienza University of Rome - Viale Regina Elena 291 Rome 00161
I am interested in studying the mechanisms that regulate cellular stress and tissue homeostasis, in particular focusing on:

-    The role of cellular senescence as stress response.
-    The immune response of Natural Killer (NK) cells against drug-induced senescent tumor cells.
-    The molecular pathways (apoptosis, NF-κB) that regulate cell stress response.
-    Microbiota and NK cell cross-talk.
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Dr.ssa Francesca Di Rosa

With IBPM Associate Members
Prof.ssa Angela Santoni - Department of Molecular Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome

With Other Institutions
Prof.ssa Alessandra Soriani - Sapienza University of Rome
Prof.ssa Cristina Limatola - Sapienza University of Rome
Education and Research Experiences

•    2020-ongoing    Researcher, National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Institute of
Molecular Biology and Pathology
•    2018-2019    Research Fellow, Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Molecular
Medicine, Molecular Immunology and Immunopathology Laboratory
•    2018        Fellowship from Istituto Pasteur Italia - Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti
•    2011-2017    Research Associate at the Department of Molecular Medicine, Sapienza
University of Rome, Molecular Immunology and Immunopathology Lab
•    2010-2011    Research Associate at the University of Manchester, Faculty of Life Sciences
•    2010        PhD in Cellular Sciences and Technologies, Sapienza University of Rome.
Thesis title: “Novel roles of c-FLIP protein in tissue homeostasis”
•    2004-2005    Fellowship at the Biology Department of University of Roma Tre
•    2004        Graduated summa cum laude in Biological Sciences, University of Roma Tre.
Thesis title: “Heterologous expression of mouse spermine oxidase site-directed mutants in E. coli”


- 2019 I have been awarded a 3,000 € grant from Sapienza University of Rome for the research project “The anti-tumor therapeutic efficacy of palbociclib is mediated by the induction of cellular senescence and its immune surveillance”
- 2019 Author of a research project (40,000 € grant) regarding the administration of a pro-senescence drug for tumor immunotherapy approved by Pfizer Inc
- 2016 I have been awarded a 2,000 € grant from Sapienza University of Rome for the research project “Role of p57 in the pathophysiology of multiple myeloma cells”

Field of Expertise: Role of cellular senescence in tissue homeostasis and Natural Killer cell-mediated immune surveillance of tumor cells

Skills and competences: Multi-parametric flow cytometry, Fluorescence and confocal microscopy, DNA-cloning and Real-Time PCR, Western blot, Cell culture, Animal care, NK cell biology (purification, de-granulation assay, NKG2D ligands), Cellular stress and senescence

Publications: 24 peer-reviewed published articles (8 first author, 2 senior author, 7 review articles). Overall H-index (from Scopus): 11.
Invited Guest Editor for the research topic “Cellular stress and inflammation: How the immune system drives tissue homeostasis” Frontiers in Immunology