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2016-2019: PhD Degree in Biochemistry, Sapienza University, Roma.
Thesis project: “Characterisation of the key enzymes involved in vitamin B6 salvage pathway in Escherichia coli and humans”

2012-2015: Master’s Degree in Biology and Human Evolution, Tor Vergata University, Roma.
Thesis project: “Study of the effect of selenite on the expression of Ctr1 and on the susceptibility to cisplatin in different cancer cell lines”

2009-2012: Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Tor Vergata University, Roma.
Thesis project: “Evaluation of copper content in cells overexpressing Glutaredoxin-1 by atomic absorption spectrophotometry”


November 2019 – December 2019: Research fellow, Istitute Pasteur Italy-Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti, c/o Department of Biochemical Sciences, Sapienza University, Roma.
Project: “Regulation of vitamin B6 metabolism and bioavailability in Eubacteria”.


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KEYWORDS Vitamin B6 metabolism, Pyridoxal 5’-phosphate salvage pathway, neonatal epileptic encephalopathy