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Istitute of Molecular Biology and Pathology - National Research Council
Department of Chemistry
Sapienza University of Rome - Edificio di Chimica, edificio Cannizzaro (VEC) Piano terzo, stanza 320 (lab: 319) P.le A. Moro 5 - 00185 Roma
Development of new methodologies for the synthesis of natural compounds and biomolecules utilising organometallic, reductive and oxidising reagents with high chemo-, regio- and diastereoselectivity.
Chemo- and regioselective oxidation of natural compounds by dimethyldioxirane.
Studies on the preparation and reactivity of new chiral dioxiranes.
Synthesis of flavonoids and isocoumarines for the preparation of biologically interesting derivatives.
Synthesis of lipid long chain compounds with a polar head (poliols, aminoalchols) to use as lipase inhibitors.
Synthesis and bioactivity investigation of polyphenols via oxyfunctionalization of natural targets.
Polyphenols are molecules with antioxidant properties contained in every kind of plant. The specific properties of these molecules are due to the presence of aromatic moieties and of many hydroxyl groups. Natural antioxidants endowed with such structural characteristics (such as flavonoids, gallic acid, resveratrol, ubiquinones and hydroxytyrosol) are considered of paramount importance for their potential employment in foods and drugs. 
Synthesis of obatoclax analogs with long aliphatic chains in order to obtain compounds with an enhanced activity. Obatoclax is an effective inhibitor of Bcl-2, is the basis of drugs that are still being studied for their alleged effectiveness to reactivate the mechanism of apoptosis in cases of resistant cells to chemotherapy.
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Dr. Paolo Bovicelli
Dr.ssa Giuliana Righi
Dr.ssa Alessandra Ricelli
Dr. Roberto Antonioletti
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CNR Matric. N.  02460
Qual.   Senior Researcher, Level I 
1980: Degree in Chemistry, Sapienza University of Rome
Research experience

IBPM-CNR (Institute of Biology e Molecular Patologies) Performs and coordinates laboratory activities. Writes publications on national and international journals, is supervisor of Master of Science thesis and PhD thesis. Is involved in the preparation of research projects with national and international settings. Is in the organizing committee of national and international conferences and meetings. 
Delegated from ICB-CNR (Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry) Director to the management of the resources and the predisposition of related documents to budget and balance for the unity of Rome
Head of ICB-CNR Section of Rome
Director of Center for the Study of the Chemistry of Natural Organic Substances (cscson) of CNR
Fellowship at Fachbereich Chemie Marburg University 
Organic synthesis: conversion of aldehydes into 1,1-dibromoalkanes