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Department of Biochemical Sciences -A. Rossi Fanelli.
Sapienza University of Rome
Edificio di Chimica Biologica Piano terra, stanza T16 P.le A. Moro 5 - 00185 Roma

The research activity within IBPM has been focussed on structural biology of redox proteins and enzymes with applications in synthetic biology and green chemistry. In particular, modern protein engineering methods have been applied to selected enzymes in order to obtained improved catalytic activities or enhanced solubilities thus providing a platform for the development of novel tools in complex organic synthesis. In very recent years, the same strategy has been applied to human proteins (ferritins and globins) in order to obtain efficient and versatile carriers for targeted drug delivery in diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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Alberto Boffi started his career at the Department of Biochemical Sciences of the University "La Sapienza" in Rome, where he was involved in the study of structure function relationships in heme proteins by physico-chemical methods. The research activity led to the publication of 107 scientific papers on international peer reviewed journals (IF > 420, HI = 22) and to establish close collaborations and period of research activity in the following laboratories:

- Laboratoire de Oceanologie, Université de Luminy II, Marseille, France (1986-1988).

- Duke University Marine Laboratory, Beaufort (NC), USA (1988).

- AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill (NJ), USA (1991-1996).

- Albert Einstein College of Medicine (NY), USA (1991-).

- INFM ed Istituto di Fisica dell’Università di Palermo (1993-).

The present research activities are focussed on:

- Structure and function of novel hemeproteins.  Novel hemeproteins from procariots have been identified cloned and expressed, their structure and catalytic activities have been determined. 

- Protein engineering for drug delivery. This line of research involves the application of protein engineering methods for the development of protein based drug delivery systems.

- Biocatalysis. The application of heme and flavin enzymes to biotransformations has recently been focussed on oxidation processes of industrial relevance.


Selected Publications (10 max, in collaboration with IBPM researchers)